Gregg, James Edgar

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Principals and Presidents

James Edgar Gregg was born in Hartford, Connecticut and attended Cutler Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He received two degrees from Harvard University, a bachelor of arts in 1897 and a master of arts in 1901. He then attended Yale Divinity School and received a bachelor of divinity degree in 1903. He was minister of three churches, Pilgrim Memorial Church in Pittsfield, Massachusetts (1903-1908), Kirk Street Church, Lowell, Massachusetts (1909-1912), and First Church of Christ in Pittsfield, Massachusetts (1913-1918). It was while he was at First Church of Christ that he was appointed principal of Hampton Institute. Dr. Gregg married twice, first in 1903 to Pauline Pumpelly who died in 1911, and then to Mary Livingston Hinsdale in 1914. Four children were born of these unions, Elsie Pumpelly Gregg and James Bartlett Gregg by his first wife, Thomas Hinsdale Gregg and Gerald Hinsdale Gregg by his second wife. Dr. Gregg was a member of the Phi-Beta Kappa and the Delta Upsilon Fraternities and served as a trustee at the Penn and Calhoun Schools and the Negro Rural School Fund, Anna T. Jeanes Foundation. He was also a member of the Harvard and Century Clubs.

James Edgar Gregg