Reports and Studies

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Official Publications

Includes the following reports and studies: A Reassessment of the Role of Hampton Institute in a Constant Changing World: A Self-Study, Parts I and II (1966); Black Power and Black Identity; Developments in Negro Schools and Colleges; Digest of the Holmes Report (1948); Findings of the First Annual Conference on Adult Education and the Negro (1938-1942); Hampton Institute's Six Months Report (1964-1966); Hampton Studies of Occupations for Men (1924); The Hanus Report (1917); National committee Against Discrimination in Housing (1967-1968); Negro College Reports; race relations studies; Report of the Self-Study Program (1955); Reports on Visit to Hampton Institute ; Institutional Self-Study and Periodic Visitation Program (1967); and Seminar on Racialism (1941-1942).

Reports and Studies