Military Science

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Correspondence, miscellaneous items, newspaper clippings, pictures, printed materials, and reports relating to aviation (civilian pilot training); armed forces; Civilian Defense Week; commandants and captains of cadets; discipline and military instruction; Engineering Science (management and war training); field service regulations; military drills; military training reports. National Defense Vocational Courses; Negro in National Defense; Spur Track; United States Army regulations; Reserve Officers' Training Corps (annual formal inspection, R.O.T.C. and detachment, area service unit, Department of the Army, Hampton Institute, United States Army instructor group, cadet handbook, distribution of R.O.T.C. advisory panel proceedings, headquarters- cadet corps and companies, honor roll flag, instructional staff- meetings, military education, Department of Military Science, military science and tactics, military training, R.O.T.C.- advisory committee, awards day, compulsory vs. voluntary R.O.T.C., Navy R.O.T.C. program, special material, program data); veteran affairs (annual reports- City of Hampton, list of officers attached to the Navy- Norfolk, Virginia, Newport News- photographs 1889-1967, pamphlets, United States War Department, veterans facilities, veterans program, memorial cemetery); War Department - war classics, eastern draft-correspondence, bulletins, circulars, orders, memoranda, telegrams, Committee on Education; World War I- Colored soldiers in France0 1914-1918; Negroes in the War Public Relations- correspondence and miscellaneous items; World War II- correspondence, names , and military honors.

Military Science