Hudson, Roy Davage - Papers

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Principals and Presidents

1970-1976 (Academic Affairs)

Handwritten and typewritten correspondence, notes, meeting notices, reports, printed materials, and miscellaneous item regarding the faculty; educational support staff; and student affairs which includes correspondence regarding the George F. Baker Trust Scholarship; Centennial Medallions (recipients); Charles E. Merrill Trust; Corporate and Foundation Calls; Danforth Foundation; Development Fund Raising; Exxon Education Foundation; Ford Foundation Grant; William Adrian Freeman Scholarship; General Electric Foundation; Kate Macy Ladd Fund; William R. Kenan, Jr. Charitable Trust Fund; Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation; Phelps-Stokes Fund; Shell Company Foundation; Thomas F. Staley Foundation, and many more. The Administrative (Academic Affairs) category also includes chronological files and general folders consisting of correspondence on various subjects, arranged in chronological and alphabetical order.

1970-1976 (Alumni Affairs)

Mostly typewritten information regarding the following subjects: Alumni Associations; Alumni Awards; Alumni Committees (Regional and National); Correspondence (Administrative and General); Director of Alumni Affairs; the Alumni Record (an alumni publication); and Alumni Reunions.

1970-1976 (Companies, Corporations)

Mostly typewritten correspondence with Eastman Kodak Company; General Motors Corporation; Glenmade Trust Company; Hershey Medical Center; International Business Machines Corporation (IBM); Mobile Oil Corporation; Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company; Norfolk Area Medical Authority.

1970-1976 (Curriculum)

Mostly typewritten correspondence, reports meeting notices, printed materials and Miscellaneous items related to Adult Education; Afro-American Studies Program; Division of Architecture; Art Department; Athletics; Division of Business; College Entrance Examination Board; Cultural Arts Coordinator; Cultural and Educational Exchange Program; Department of Elementary Education; Fine Arts and Humanities; Division of Graduate Studies; Health and Recreation; Higher Education Bill; Department of Human Ecology; I'M Data Processing; Mass Media Arts; Department of Mathematics; Department of Music; Department of nursing; Physical Education; Planning and Analytical Studies Group; Pure and Applied Sciences; Secretarial Training for Excellent Performance; Self Study Project Report; Social and Environmental Studies; Speech
Pathology and Audiology; Division of Teacher Education; Summer Session; Summer Student Project.

1970-1976 (Educational Agencies and Other Organizations)

Mostly typewritten correspondence, reports, and printed materials. Among the correspondents are the American Association for Higher Education; American Association of Universities; American Association of University Women; American Council on Education; Association of Governing Boards; College Humanities Consortium; College Judiciary Board; College Service Bureau; College and University Personnel Association; Coordinator of Institutional Research; Council of Independent Colleges in Virginia; Delaware State College; Eastern Virginia Medical School Advisory Committee; Fisk University; City of Hampton; Hampton Association for the Arts and Humanities; Institute for Service to Education; International Student Service; Journal of Higher Education; Morgan State College; Museum College; National Academy of Engineering; National Academy of Sciences; National Aeronautics and Space Administration; National Association for the Advancement of Colored People; National Association for Equal Opportunity in Higher Education; National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics; National Commission on Accrediting; National conference on Testing in Education; National Defense Student Loan; National Endowment for the Humanities; National Laboratory for Higher Education; National Research Council; National Science Foundation; National Educational Review (25 Anniversary); Old Dominion University; Outstanding Educators of America (award); St. John's College Project; United States Army Training and Doctrine (Fort Eustis Command); United States Department of Health, Education, and Welfare; United States (State Department); University Center in Virginia; and University of Virginia.

1970-1976 (Foundations)

Mostly typewritten correspondence and biographical data. Among the correspondents are Dr. Edwin G. Nourse and B.N. Puryear. Biographical data includes information concerning Dr. Jerome Holland (Dr. Hudson's predecessor) and James Weldon Johnson Celebration Day.

1970-1976 (Miscellaneous)

Correspondence, newspaper clippings, pictures, and papers of a miscellaneous nature.

Roy Davage Hudson