Harvey, William R.

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Principals and Presidents

Dr. William r. Harvey was born on January 29, 1941 in Brewton, Alabama to Mr. and Mrs. W.D. Harvey. He attended the Southern Normal School, Brewton Alabama (grade 1-12) where he was a member of the honor society, basketball and football teams, choir, and business manager for the school newspaper. He received his B.A. degree from Talladega College (1961), having majored in history. He was the first president of the State-wide Civil Rights Organization. His extra-curricula activities included participation in the Little Theatre, Debating Team, college Council and Basketball Team (1957-1961). From 1965-1966 he attend Virginia State College where he earned an A.M. degree, with a major in United States history and a minor in educational administration. While at Harvard University, he was a doctoral candidate in theĀ  Administrative Careers Program with emphasis being placed on administration of higher education. He was a member of the Faculty Committee on Academic Policy, elected to the Student Cabinet, Board of Directors of Phi-Delta-Kappa, and chairman of the Colloquium Board. In 1969 Dr. Harvey received a certificate of Advanced Study in Administration and in 1971 became doctor of education in administration of higher education. From 1976-1978 he was vice-president for administrative services at Tuskegee Institute. His responsibilities included (1) directing the planning and evaluation of the Schools of Arts and Sciences, Applied Sciences, Education, Engineering, Nursing and Veterinary Medicine, and major administrative offices; (2) budget preparation with deans and other administrative officers; (3) administrator for program operations of Tuskegee's $3,250,000 AIDP Project (Advanced Institutional Development); (4) directing the seventy-five school AIDP Consortium as coordinating director; (5) supervision the institutional research activities at Tuskegee Institute; (6) directing Tuskegee Institute's reaccreditation process as chairman of the Self Study; (7) supervising the operation of Tuskegee Institute's five million dollar student Financial Aid Program; (8) supervising the Data Processing Center at Tuskegee Institute; and (9) coordinating activities with the Alabama legislature relative to Tuskegee Institute's state appropriation of $1,300.00 annually. Dr. Harvey has also been vice-president for Student Affairs and director of planning at Tuskegee (1974-1975); vice-president for Student Affairs at Tuskegee (1972-1974); administrative assistant to the dean of Governmental Affairs at Harvard University (1969-1970); assistant to the president at Fisk University (1970-1972); a tutor in Adams House of Harvard University's Summer Studies Program (1969); deputy director of the Economic Opportunity Agency in Southern Alabama (three county office)(1966-1968); secondary school teacher, United States history (1965-1966); history writer for the Department of the Army (1962-1965). He has received the following honors and awards; the Woodrow Wilson Foundation Martin Luther King Fellow (1968-1970); the Woodrow Wilson Foundation Intern Fellowship (1970-1972); the Harvard University Higher Education Administrative Fellow (1969); he was selected to appear in the publication Personalities of the South (1973); and in 1975 he was selected to appear in the publication Who's Who In Black America. His current and past board directorship include the United Virginia Bank (Executive Committee); Peninsula Economic Development Council; Virginia Peninsula Industrial Council (Executive Committee) ; Peninsula United Way; Virginia Tidewater Consortium for Continuing Higher Education; Harvard Cooperative Society; Peninsula Chamber of Commerce; and President's National Advisory Council - ESEA (vice-chairman). Dr. Harvey and his family reside in the Mansion House, which has been the residence of Hampton's leaders since the days of its founder, General Armstrong. He is married to the former Norma Baker and they have two children, Kellyey Renee Harvey and William Christopher Harvey. Dr. Harvey is the twelfth president of Hampton Institute and was appointed by the Board of Trustees in July of 1978.

William R. Harvey